Gold Bridge

I’ll get into the groove with this after a while. Why do it in the first place? I suppose my recent trip around part of Canada boosted my time with a camera and started me thinking that I quite enjoy snapping a few shots.

In my day-blog I frequently use my own photos to illustrate the day’s post, although I also recognise the need to ‘move along’ with that blog, so I can’t (for example) keep using Canada pictures when I’m mainly blogging about London, England. 

So hopefully, over a period of time, I can drop a few pictures into here along with some commentary. Today’s is from a quiet moment on a backroad across a mountain range in Canada. I was alone at the time and in addition to some more obvious mountain range shots decided to take one of the beaten up road.


Camera Nikon D80 + 18-200VR set wide.

I didn’t plan this as a Black and White picture, but when I saw the amount of scree and general rock texture it just cried out to be de-saturated. Its tricky with digital to get the sky and the rocks to both show without burnout because of the midday-ish sun bouncing from road surface.


~ by rashbre on Saturday, 16 August, 2008.

3 Responses to “Gold Bridge”

  1. My own criticisms:
    Plus – I like the rocks, their contrast and the way the road snakes taking the eye through the picture
    Minus – The sky is real but looks burnt out in the clouds. Maybe a filter would have helped

  2. I really, really like this composition. I love how the eye is drawn into the picture towards the clouds, and also how the lines of scree lead down to the road. B&W was a very wise choice for this shot IMHO.

  3. Lots of deatil in this one. I find my eyes follow the road to the trees and the sky. Nice one and a great choice in using black & white for it.

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