Another reason for starting this blog

I was reading Debra’s blog a couple of days ago and she had written about a book on photo technique based upon moving from darkroom to digital. I havn’t read the book (yet) but I have another book by the same author about landscapes. There’s three famous landscape photographers talking about how they capture their pictures but what is interesting is how they are each self critical of many of the frames they have taken.

Re-reading it, whilst sitting at the kitchen table this morning (after a trip into the garage to find it) helped remind me of some of the challenges. 

So in my picture, at least I managed to capture the sky without the clouds disappearing into over exposure. It was late in the day so I think the light brown haze on the clouds is accurate. Unfortunately the clouds also create quite a lot of shadows on the land. Its perhaps more dappled than I’d ideally have intended.

I’m trying to make the pictures here click-through-able to flickr, where the EXIM data for the snaps is available D80, zoomed to 200mm f10 1/250th ISO180.


~ by rashbre on Saturday, 16 August, 2008.

3 Responses to “Another reason for starting this blog”

  1. Nice composition. I don’t think some shadow is a big problem, it’s only where it covers a large proportion of landscape that it can become a problem.

    Also you have captured the sky nicely. I was looking at soem Cokin ND grads today which I would love to start using but were unfortunately out of my pocket money range for now.

  2. I love this photo. I think the clouds shadows can make pictures more interesting, as long as they don’t take over. I think you’ve got just the right amount of shadowing here 🙂

  3. I’m so happy to be responsible for one of those internet coincidences, where a remark leads to a thought that leads to another and voilà, a new blog is created.

    A welcome addition to the blogosphere, I look forward to seeing what Rashbre snaps next.

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