Camera Tip 2: Thirds

I’m still really playing with the format for this and getting to know the quickest ways to edit in WordPress. Here’s a ‘low serial number snap’ from a small compact camera, where I’m vaguely adhering to the rule of thirds, using the imaginary compositional boxes to set the picture.

2/3 sky. 1/3 ground. 2 clusters of the stones.

And its my little way of sneaking Stonehenge into the blog near to the start.

Bob-kat – thanks for comment. Just for fun, I’ve now also been out with mallet and shears, although my edit is to the already small image in the post…

Thanks nikki-ann. Hmm, this is moving away from the original 3×3 theme with my slight retouching of the sky…


~ by rashbre on Sunday, 17 August, 2008.

4 Responses to “Camera Tip 2: Thirds”

  1. Plus : Green, Grey, Blue only
    Minus: Would look better if the little horizon blip left and the big stone right were missing, so that the sky really did go down to the ground. Slightly lower angle would also have removed that tree from the centre.
    Could have tried to get more texturefrom the stones.
    Interesting: It’s from 2004 on a 1.3 megapixel compact.

  2. The rule of thirds is a good rule of thumb. I find that when composing a picture, it either looks right or can look unbalanced so I laso trust my own eye and gut instict a lot.

    Nice pic, especially for a little compact. All of the things you list can be sorted via photoshop or another manipulation package if you so wished though.

  3. A supposed “professional” once told me there was nothing in the top 3rd of a photo of mine – – I told her there was sky! She then told me some clouds would have made it more interesting… like I can command the sky! (Just thought I would share that with you!)

    You don’t need to have a top of the range camera to take a good photo, just a good eye 🙂

  4. Yes – challenging to fake the heavens!

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