Filters 1 : Orange

Sometimes when I am in supermarkets I am drawn to whatever is displayed in the row ends in bright orange packaging. I get fun made of me for this little quirk.

Luckily, I remember that orange is a handy emergency filter to blast an insipid landscape style shot back into life on its way to Black and White. This is hardly Ansell Adams territory, but an orange filter applied to a washed out scene like the one here can bring out the character. Think of fog lights on a car.

Filter the picture with orange; If you don’t have a plug-in for this type of thing then Photoshop Filters/Photo Adjustments/Colors gives a decent range. Re-save and desaturate. I have exaggerated the effect somewhat to make the point.

Below is the original embarrassingly underexposed and hazy shot.

…And then for my own sanity, here’s a version with the ‘orange treatment’ but a bit less severe.
DSC_3459 less oranged


~ by rashbre on Monday, 18 August, 2008.

2 Responses to “Filters 1 : Orange”

  1. Haze is always with us, I find. What happened to the clear skies of yesterday?

  2. See, I knew I would learn stuff coming here! I am still in the very early days of getting to grips with photo editing. So far I’ve been using PaintNet but hope to upgrade soon! This tip is very handy, thanks!

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