Tip : Geo-tagging

maperture-iconI’ve probably been like many others adding photos to a computer. I started with simple uploads into folders, then moved to iPhoto on the Mac and nowadays use Aperture for storing and safety copying my photos.

Aperture has a pretty fast workflow, so on average I don’t need to go to Photoshop unless I’m doing something like adding text or deliberately blending pictures together. Of course, the library of pictures has increased quickly and a useful additional way to categorise them is with GPS co-ordinates or Geo-tags as they are usually referred.

Because I was late into this, I’ve tried to find a simple program to take swathes of pictures and simply geo-tag them. The recently added Aperture plug-in called Maperture seems to do the trick for this.

Select a group of pictures, click to edit them with Maperture and up comes a google map. Select a point on the map to show the origin of the pictures and then hit save. Maperture will then catalogue one or many pictures with the longitude and latitude. The current Aperture and iPhoto release is simple, fast and even free – from Ubermind.


~ by rashbre on Tuesday, 26 August, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tip : Geo-tagging”

  1. For windows users, I’d recommend robogeo. You can even use it to upload your geotagged photos to flickr.

  2. I never knew about stuff like this! I’m afraid I’m still a simple soul using folders :S

  3. Hey all,

    I just wanted to chime in on your discussion about geotagging your images…

    We are testing Maperture Pro BETA currently which allows you to visually geotag your images, import tracklog data from a GPS device, reverse geocode location information, save location bookmarks, copy & paste location information as well as several others. If you are interested in testing it out and providing feedback…

    Go to http://www.ubermind.com/beta, take it for a spin, and tell us what you think.


  4. Thanks for the Maperture linky. I have used the current version in Aperture and will tinker with the new one.

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