Did I say digital? Maybe film will also get a look-in

Olympus OM2
Before I started using digital cameras, my weapon of choice used to be an Olympus OM2 SLR or an ancient solar-powered Olympus Trip which I acquired from a friend in a complicated piece of money-less bartering. By comparison with today’s cameras, these cameras have an endearing simplicity, although both took great film-based pictures.

The OM 1 and 2 series from Yoshihisa Maitani San are absolute design classics and my favourite is the OM2. The current Olympus digitals still pay a subtle homage to the OM series with their concealed OM viewfinder ‘peak’ hidden under the popup flash.
Oly OM Homage in their digitals
Perhaps I am in a minority nowadays, but I generally prefer working with a viewfinder and am surprised that quite a few of the less expensive DSLRs don’t provide depth of field preview, which is a ‘table stakes’ facility for the old film SLRs. I can understand it with compact digitals which generally have tiny sensors and maddeningly short focal lengths so ‘depth of field’ really has less meaning.

Also, time spent using film SLRs means that I don’t habitually look at the camera back after every shot the way that most people seem to when working with compacts. Perhaps time with film and the lack of that instant picture feedback has got me used to a certain confidence in what I’m expecting to finally emerge.

So when I saw that Debra is working on a semi-secret website for filmaholics, I thought I’d better dust off the old camera in readiness. But Oh, sadness. The OM2 has decided to misbehave and even after a battery change I’m not sure whether I can fix it. The problem is, that after ‘touching’ the OM2 again and twisting the shutter speed ring and the preview button, I knew this was where my film based heart lay.

So across to eBay for a quick peek and where I found what I consider to be a classic OM2 camera being bid for rather small money. What could I do? Why ‘win’ it of course! So for less than a small round of drinks in a London bar, I now have a shiny new-looking replacement OM2, f1.4(!) lens and even a leather case.

Now for some film.


~ by rashbre on Thursday, 4 September, 2008.

4 Responses to “Did I say digital? Maybe film will also get a look-in”

  1. cannot beat an olympus, i have an om10, never looked back!


  2. You’re making me want to get a film camera out and maybe pop in some black & white film! 😀

  3. I have an OM10 from my film days and it was a great camera.

  4. Hurray for film. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that classic camera.

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