Depth of Field

I started to muse about depth of field in the last post and I thought I’d continue. The little eBay camera has quite a nice lens with it, so when I found an expired reel of Kodak Gold 200, I though I’d take the camera for a spin. A few random artifacts around rashbre central created the subjects and I decided used the so called ‘standard 50mm lens’ to take a few deliberately blurry pictures.

The interesting thing is that this small SLR has the equivalent of a the latest generation Nikon or Canon professional sensor size (ie because its 35mm film) and so with a large aperture lens, the Depth of Field (ie how narrowly on can focus) gets quite interesting.
So today’s pictures are ‘straight from the camera’ (via film processing) and don’t have any Photoshopping, cropping or similar. I wanted to see how ‘thin’ the layer of focus could be to get some effects. The duck’s eye is supposed to be the focus, with a view to getting the one behind out of focus, for example. Available light with expired film also creates some interesting grain!

There’s various mathematical explanations about why a compact camera’s small sensor can’t do this, even when it says f2.8 on the camera so I sense that the eBay bargain will be getting some reasonable use alongside my other cameras. There’s a few more test shots here, all from the same reel of ten year old film


~ by rashbre on Friday, 12 September, 2008.

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