Viewfinder for Lumix Compact Camera

Helios Viewfinder
Something I’ve wondered about for a while, but haven’t wanted to spend lots of money on, was the effect of adding a small direct viewfinder to a compact camera.

Sometimes I’ll use big SLR cameras with bulky lenses, but its also good to have something more portable. I typically use a little Lumix camera (LX3 or GF1), which can be unobtrusive, but both only have a rear screen for taking pictures. Its OK, but sometimes a more ‘to the eye’ style seems more natural.

I’ve just received the little Helios clip on viewfinder from an inexpensive eBay auction and added it to one of the little cameras.

Its amazing.

It won’t give me the exact view through the lens, but is a good way to frame a shot like a using a traditional camera. It even has markings for three different lens lengths, 35mm, 85mm and 135mm.

It’s a great match for the Lumix 20mm f1.7 (40mm equivalent lens) and surprisingly accurate for framing.

I’m hooked.


~ by rashbre on Thursday, 10 December, 2009.

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